Energy/Utilities Case Study 1

CLIENTS: Energy/Utilities


SERVICE PROVIDED: IT Department Integration and Migration


The Situation

Our client had just acquired another petroleum pipeline company that was almost as large as they were. While the acquisition news gathered dust, the actual integration of the two IT groups had made little progress. There were still two IT Directors. The computer room displayed one set of technology at one end and a different set of technology at the other end. In the middle, these sat a large empty space where “Never the twain shall meet”. The two staff groups occupied separate sides of the office tower floor and rarely met.

Yet, the business demands were more aggressive than ever and were not being met.

What We Did

We assigned one of our senior consultants to lead an integration effort. Through this project, IT staff was engaged to help find the next generation of technology (i.e., neither of the two existing, competing technologies).

A strong customer focus initiative launched to improve the IT responsiveness to business needs. IT staff were dispatched to business locations to help prioritize projects and determine requirements “on the ground”. Some IT folks, reluctant to the join the transition efforts were encouraged to pursue alternative employment. We even launched a training program for engineers and others who wanted to learn how to develop their own database queries.

The Business Outcomes

Within one year, a new technology base had been implemented; the IT unit was functioning as a team, focused on the business needs of the organization. Business experts were experiencing a significant growth in their own capabilities. Finally, a new CIO was hired and took over the new IT unit.