Finance/Banking Case Study

CLIENTS: Finance




Gilmore and Associates (G&A) was engaged by Financial services company to restructure their outsourcing contract with their current infrastructure vendor. G&A provided outsourcing expertise in this consulting assignment as follows:

  • Developed the plan and approach for the creation of service catalogue for all the infrastructure services provided to the client and their customers. Conducted workshops with the IT infrastructure team to capture the responsibilities, measurements, service level metrics and financial impacts for the 9 services and 46 service elements being delivered by the infrastructure group.
  • Developed an approach and framework for capturing the costs associated with the services in the service catalogue and conducted workshops to collect this information.
  • Defined 6 sample unobtainiums (economy of scale, service on demand, reach, proven processes, financial and risk) that a typical outsourcing vendor would be able to deliver for a client and then provided an initial scoring for the incumbent vendor.
  • Developed an initial operational constraints document to identify to the potential impacts of outsourcing service delivery components to the incumbent or other vendors. Conducted a workshop with the advisory group using the straw model of operational constraints as a base for discussion and enhancement of this deliverable.
  • Conducted a directed RFP process with the incumbent vendor and made recommendations to client.

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