Government Case Study 2

CLIENTS: Government


SERVICE PROVIDED: Situation Analysis, Strategic Plan

The Situation

The City’s IT department was under attack from all quarters for apparently poor quality of service.  We were engaged to find out what might be done.

What We Did

First, we conducted a satisfaction survey of members of the general user population with both quantitative and qualitative questions.  The surveys were augmented by a series of interviews with key managers across the organization.  Secondly, we conducted a survey of the IT department population in a similar manner.

Then, using the results from the surveys, we held a series of workshops with the IT department to seek potential solutions.  Participants were encouraged to put forward ideas focused on resolving the business concerns.

The results of the surveys and the workshops were shared broadly in a series of management presentations.


The Business Outcomes

IT staff generally knew what needed to be done all along.   What was missing was a ranking of potential improvement projects that were aligned with business needs.   The new, broadly supported action plan was approved and launched.  As a byproduct to the work, serious sexual harassment issues were unearthed in the IT department, spawning another critical project that was actioned immediately with the support of the HR department