Government Case Study 1

CLIENTS: Government


SERVICE PROVIDED: Contract Negotiation/Outsourcing


The Situation

The City was faced with a challenge whereby more and more citizen interface work was being shifted to evenings and weekends.  While the City attempted to meet this client need, the IT shop struggled to maintain responsiveness under the existing constraints of their collective bargaining agreement.  The long-term trends suggested this tension would only increase.

We were engaged to search out service alternatives that would alleviate the issue.

What We Did

After quantifying the demand and the current response mechanisms, we crafted an extensive RFP to local suppliers so gauge the cost and responsiveness of some outsourced solutions.

We met with IT staff and potential vendors to flesh out potential issues and to sustain a strong communication of progress and possible avenues of progress.

The Business Outcomes

In the end, although the vendor community responded with some creative and attractive solutions, the costs of the outsourced approach were far beyond what the City could accommodate.

As an alternative, the City launched a series of application development projects aimed at providing automated self-help solutions for a variety of City programmes.

One interesting byproduct of the exercise proved to the number of vendor joint ventures that resulted to satisfy the bid process.  Some of these proved to be strategic for these vendors in future business ventures.